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Physician Recruitment Strategies

Many physicians begin their job search through networking and some physicians are recruited right out of residency training. If you are a physician who chooses to conduct a search on your own, keep a detailed record of your efforts with all of your contacts, dates, and results. This can be a time consuming process but possibly well worth the effort.

When physicians are looking for a practice opportunity via the internet you can use the following tips to streamline your search:

  • Decide what type of physician job you’re looking for
  • Identify your career goals
  • Identify your geographic requirements
  • Identify personal, and family needs

Once you’ve identified your physician recruitment goals, you can then proceed to search for physician openings on job boards, hospital web sites, journal advertising, major and specialty search engines, or use a physician recruitment firm.

Since the web has an overwhelming number of physician job openings posted, using a physician recruiter can be great way to save you time. Once you have isolated a few employment opportunities, in your target areas, proceed with the search or contact a physician recruitment firm. Again, keep accurate notes on who you spoke to, where you sent your CV, along with the date, time and results.

Never put your entire CV on the internet. Your physician profile should contain the following information:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Specialty
  • Date of availability
  • Geographic preference

Once interest has been established, you can then provide a full CV containing additional information about training, clinical experience, licenses, and certifications.

Physician recruitment firms; the benefits

You can contact a potential employer directly or use a professional physician recruitment firm that will represent you. An experienced physician recruiter will only send your CV to potential clients with your PERMISSION.

They’ll never send your CV to a client that has already received your CV.

If you post your CV on a job board you may receive an overwhelming response from recruiters, and potential employers, be certain that you have qualified the job opening so that it meets your requirements before proceeding. This can be a lot of work based on your specialty, and the demand for your services.

Clients do not want to receive applicants that are not qualified, or interested. That is why they contract with physician recruitment firms to provide the applicants who have been screened on their opening to facilitate a quick placement.  Hospital recruiters, and medical directors must spend time reviewing CV’s prior to contacting potential candidates. They do not want to evaluate candidates that don’t meet their needs. If there is a mutual interest a good recruiter can sell you to that employer so that your name is at the top of the list of viable candidates.

They’ll do the follow up.

After forwarding your CV to potential employers, do you really have the time to follow up with everyone? That’s one advantage to working with a professional physician recruitment firm.  You can’t promote yourself as well as a third party. Having someone act as your agent to highlight your training, practice experience, or the specific need to relocate to an area is to your advantage.

They’ll do the scheduling.

You may work with a few reputable recruiters that understand your specific needs. The greater the number of recruiters the more work on your part. It is important to play your role in the process. Be available for questions, scheduled phone conferences, and potential interview dates. The physician recruitment firm can play an important role in scheduling these events and streamlining the communication process. After you have had the opportunity to interview with a potential employer, the next stage begins.  Contract negotiations are difficult and often relations break down during the process. It is helpful to have a third party facilitate an offer. It is recommended that you find an attorney that is knowledgeable in physician employment contracts that can represent you.

Physician Recruitment firms have established relationships.

Recruiters have established relationships with various hospitals, and practices to provide qualified applicants. They have a dedicated contact person to respond to their applicants and will guide you and your CV along the appropriate path to placement. Many large systems get bogged down in the recruitment process, and some physicians get discouraged and assume that the hospital is no longer interested in them. It helps to have a recruiter on your side trying to achieve the same goal.

In summary most physicians have limited time to devote to the search process but it is one of the most important phases of their career. They have invested time, money and effort in their education & training. Finding the right practice opportunity is so important. That’s why using a professional physician recruitment firm can be very beneficial to your future. An effective recruiter will only contact you about openings in the area that you requested. They can keep communication to a minimum, but participate in the entire process down to assisting with obtaining licensing information, professional references, and the transition to joining a new practice. Let your recruiter take the hassle out of the job search. They can facilitate a timely placement that has your career and personal goals in mind.

Rosemary Blando
Durham Medical Staffing
716-684-3333 x210

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