Start with a well written CV

Preparation for the interview

  • Phone interview-Know who is going to be on the call. Review the hospital or Group’s website prior to the call. Have questions ready for them.
  • Take notes, identify if this job is a potential match. Does it meet your career goals, personal and family needs?
  • Does the community have a real need for another provider? Ask for stats on admissions, surgeries, other hospitals, practices, etc.
  • If the phone interview proves to be a success, consider a site visit.
  • If invited, do your homework. Review the itinerary, will you have the opportunity to meet all the physicians and staff necessary to make this trip worth your while. If not, reschedule, your time is valuable.
  • Be sure that you bring your spouse or partner. It will save time in the long run. Taking a look at the community, housing, schools, employers, recreational activities, and anything that will affect your decision to relocate is important.

The interview:

  • Be punctual
  • Pay attention to your attire. If your spouse or partner is joining you for any part of the interview, ask about appropriate attire for them.
  • Answer all questions clearly and honestly.
  • Pay close attention to discussions involving income potential, partnership and contract. These issues are the foundation of a successful relationship.
  • Discuss mutual interests, future programs, expansions, renovations, etc.